Expert round table methodology
Only when we found out what is common we can create a difference


EXPROMED- Expert round table method. To better understand the problem, the project suggests a round table method with 30 people in 5 countries.

Project organizations together with students and experts from different fields and industries, in all countries, will create round table seminars and workshops over the next two years to develop new teaching material for adults, secondary school and high education institutions.

Purpose of use: For education and educators, entrepreneurs, work-life, and development.

Five organizations from 5 countries:

  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Island
  • Denmark
  • Estonia

Project duration - 2 Years (08/2021-07/2023)

The main focus is on a Development project and the aim is the create educational material.

In two year program will be created 5 workshops (seminars) in all five countries with students, teachers, trainers, and different specialists from different fields and industries. In each workshop will be at least 30 persons (10 students, 10 teachers or trainers, and 10 experts.

At the 2nd stage of the project will be created 1 conference (online) with all partners from all countries to close-up two years program, present achieved results, and create the Establishment of the network for further cooperation. 


  • Investigate the existing educational elements of the partner organizations, which are already being used according to the project goal
  • Create experts, entrepreneurs, and student round table teams according to the aim of the project.
  • Through round table activities find common vision and methods, by using the guidelines and the basic concept of the project – exchange of specific information and basic lines creation.
  • To collect, analyze, process information, and create basic theses for the development of the methods and applying them to education and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Develop an outcome of the project according to the project aim and guidelines

  • Web site platform with the project info, aim, researchers, and developed methodology
  • Teaching material to apply in education and/or in entrepreneurship


August 23, 2021 - Kick-off meeting, Online provided by RISEBA
September 20-22, 2021 - Workshop in Riga, Latvia provided by RISEBA
October 27-29, 2022 - Workshop in Lithuania, provided by EDUPRO
February 6-8, 2023 - Workshop in Estonia, provided by People to People
April 17-19, 2023 - Workshop in Denmark, provided by Com&Train
May 8-10, 2023 - Workshop in Island, Provided by Step by Step
May 11, 2023 - Online conference, provided by RISEBA
June - July 2023 - Dissemination and close up of the project - online - one-day activities from 10:00-16:00


RISEBA University of applied
sciences (Latvia)

NGO "Step by Step" (Island)

NGO "People to People"



NGO Educational projects (EduPro)
 Ltd " Com&Train"


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